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志賀絵梨子 「Mikrokosmos〜一歩踏み出す〜」 F3号 Shiga Eriko (27.3×22.0cm)




作家 artist : 志賀絵梨子 Shiga Eriko タイトル Title : 「Mikrokosmos〜一歩踏み出す〜」  作品サイズ Artwork Size : F3号 (27.3×22.0cm) 支持体・材料 Supports/Materials : キャンバスに油彩、金箔 (Oil, and gold leaf on canvas) 額縁が付きます。(A frame is included.) ※クリックすると拡大画像をご覧いただけます。*Click to enlarge image. *For international visitors, the "WorldShopping " banner will be displayed. From there, you can check how to purchase and approximate shipping costs. The site is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean, and customer support is also available. ●作家コメント 悟りの心へ憧れてやまない。現実はほど遠いが、常々修行中の身と思い少しでも近づきたいと気を引き締めている。そんなひたむきな女性の姿を表した。 ●Artist's Comment One woman longs for the heart of enlightenment. Although the reality is far from it, she is always trying to get as close to it as possible, thinking of herself as a person in training. This is the image of such a dedicated woman. ●志賀絵梨子 略歴 2008 東京藝術大学 美術学部絵画科油画専攻 卒業 2018 東京藝術大学 大学院美術研究科芸術学専攻 修了 2011 「富嶽ビエンナーレ展」 優秀賞 2015 第83回独立展 新人賞 2019 春季独立新人選抜展 奨励賞 現在 美術解剖学会 正会員  独立美術協会会友 ●Brief history of Shiga Eriko 2008 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Painting, Oil Painting 2018 Completed Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School, Division of Fine Arts 2011 "Fugaku Biennale Exhibition" Excellent Prize 2015 The 83rd Dokuritsu Exhibition, Newcomer's Prize 2019 Spring Dokuritsu Newcomers Selection Exhibition, Encouragement Prize Currently Regular Member of the Japan Association of Art Anatomy Association Member of the Dokuritsu Art Association