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北川安希子 「梅ー流水」 P3号 Kitagawa Akiko 「Japanese apricot- running water」 (19.0×27.3cm)




作家 artist : 北川安希子  Kitagawa Akiko タイトル Title : 「梅ー流水」 「Japanese apricot- running water」 作品サイズ Artwork Size : P3号 (19.0×27.3cm) 支持体・材料 Supports/Materials : 絹目アートクロスに墨、岩絵具、金箔 (ink, mineral pigments and gold leaf on silk art cloth ) 額縁が付きます。(A frame is included.) ※クリックすると拡大画像をご覧いただけます。*Click to enlarge image. *For international visitors, the "WorldShopping " banner will be displayed. From there, you can check how to purchase and approximate shipping costs. The site is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean, and customer support is also available. ● 北川安希子 略歴 2006年 成安造形大学造形美術科日本画クラス卒業 (2008年同研究生修了) 2019年 Seed山種美術館 日本画アワード 奨励賞 (山種美術館/東京)  ●Akiko Kitagawa Biography 2006 Graduated from Seian University of Art and Design, Department of Fine Arts, Japanese Painting class. 2019 Seed Yamatane Museum of Art Japanese Painting Award, Encouragement Prize (Yamatane Museum of Art, Tokyo)  ●店主より 学生時代から京都を中心に伝統的な花鳥風月の写生を通じて表現力を磨いてきた。水面を通じて対象物が写り込む姿、それらが時間や気候によって一瞬で変わっていく儚さの表現は過去と現在、光と闇そして生と死など見る者を深い精神世界へといざなう。 ●From the owner Since his student days, he has honed her ability to express herself through traditional sketches of flowers, birds, winds, and the moon, mainly in Kyoto. Her expression of the ephemeral nature of objects reflected through the surface of water, which change in an instant depending on time and climate, leads the viewer into a deep spiritual world of past and present, light and darkness, life and death, and more.