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鵜飼義丈 「攫む。」 サムホール Ukai Yoshitake 「comprehend」 (22.7×15.8cm)




作家 artist : 鵜飼義丈 Ukai Yoshitake タイトル Title : 「攫む。」 「comprehend」 作品サイズ Artwork Size : サムホール (22.7×15.8cm) 支持体・材料 Supports/Materials : 麻紙ボード、顔料 (Hemp paper board, pigment) 額縁が付きます。(A frame is included.) ※クリックすると拡大画像をご覧いただけます。*Click to enlarge image. *For international visitors, the "WorldShopping " banner will be displayed. From there, you can check how to purchase and approximate shipping costs. The site is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean, and customer support is also available. *The weight of this painting is approximately 2.3 kilograms. To this will be added the weight of the reinforcement and packing materials. ●略歴 1975 静岡県生まれ。 1998 名古屋芸術大学日本画専攻卒業 1999 日春展(以降入選12、日春賞3、外務大臣賞1) 臥龍桜日本画大賞展(以降入選4) 2000 川端龍子賞展入選、2002佳作、2004佳作 2003 上野の森美術大賞展入選 2016 Seed山種美術館日本画アワード2016入選 2019 日展特選 現在 日展会友、新日春会会員、浄土宗芸術家協会会員 ●Biography 1975 Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. 1998 Graduated from Nagoya University of Arts, Major in Japanese Painting 1999 Nisshun Exhibition (12 Honorable Mentions, 3 Nisshun Prizes, 1 Foreign Minister's Prize), Garyu Cherry Blossom Japanese Painting Grand Prize Exhibition (4 Honorable Mentions) 2000 Kawabata Ryushi Prize Exhibition (Honorable Mention, 2002, Honorable Mention, 2004) 2003 Selected, Ueno no Mori Art Grand Prize Exhibition 2016 Selected, Seed Yamatane Museum of Art Japanese Painting Award 2016 2019 Selected, Nitten Special Prize Currently Member of Nitten, Member of Shin-Nishunkai, Member of Jodo Shu Artists Association