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苛原 治「遠い記憶」 サムホール Irahara Osamu 「distant memory」 (22.7×15.8cm)




作家 artist : 苛原 治 Irahara Osamu タイトル Title : 「遠い記憶」 「distant memory」 作品サイズ Artwork Size : サムホール (22.7×15.8cm) 支持体・材料 Supports/Materials : パネルにテンペラ、 油絵具 Tempera and oil paints on panel 額縁が付きます。(A frame is included.) ※クリックすると拡大画像をご覧いただけます。*Click to enlarge image. *For international visitors, the "WorldShopping " banner will be displayed. From there, you can check how to purchase and approximate shipping costs. The site is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean, and customer support is also available. ●略歴 1992年 北海道出身  2015年 札幌大谷大学 芸術学部美術学科 卒業 2017年 東京藝術大学 大学院文化財保存学専攻 保存修復油画領域 修了 2022年 白日会展 白日賞、美岳画廊賞受賞 会友推挙 現在  白日会会友 文化財保存修復学会会員 ●Brief history 1992 Born in Hokkaido, Japan  2015 Graduated from Sapporo Otani University, Faculty of Art, Department of Fine Arts 2017 Completed the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Conservation of Cultural Properties, Conservation Oil Painting Course 2022 Received Hakujitsu Prize and Gallery Mitake Prize at Hakujitsu-kai Exhibition, and was nominated as a associate member. Currently, associate member of Hakujitsu-kai Member of Society for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties